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Parish Financial Report

The Finance Council is presenting the state of the Parish Financial report and our vision for the future.

Because of your offertory donations, we are currently able to meet our financial obligations, continue our outreach commitments and pay down our debt. However, when we built the New McGivney Office Center, we were required to use all our Savings before we could take out a loan. Our current debt is under $600,000 and we have been making extra principal payments every month.

As you drive around our area, you see that there is an explosion of land being cleared for development. There are 12,000 plus approved Building Permits in our immediate Parish area, and more are being considered. Over the next two years, we are projecting a 50% growth in the number of registered parishioner families. This will further stress our facilities and entail the need for more seating, more masses, more parking, another Priest, more of everything.

We have developed a five-year plan to address our needs with six identified major projects. In no particular order they are, Debt Reduction, New Rectory, More Parking, Security Enhancements, Brendan Hall Addition, and renovation to the hall to include a doubling of the kitchen area.

We would like to start these projects in two years, but we need to build up our Reserves (Savings). Remember that we used our Savings to build the new Office. The costs of these major projects in October 2023 are estimated to be $3,500,000, but no one knows the impact of inflation, building supplies availabilities and other factors two years from now.

When we expanded the church, we made a pledge to the parishioners that a capital campaign will not be considered for any future growth projects. We recently did an analysis of offertory giving and found out that 10% of our parish families give a little over 50% of the offertory. We certainly realize that these are difficult times for everyone due to inflation, political uncertainties, and global unrest.

Father and the Finance Council feel strongly that we can achieve our goals through continued fiscal management, anticipated parishioner Family growth and the continued generosity of our Parish Families. Please help us if you can with an uptick in giving from all, especially the 90% of the families that give us less than half of our offertory.

For your further reflection, these remarks are on website. Thank you for your attention and your prayerful consideration of this presentation.

Blessings to all.

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May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.

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