Naming Opportunities for The Blessed Michael J. McGivney Pastoral Center

Our new Administration Building/ Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is projected to be completed this coming September.Donors are invited to “Name” an individual office within the new building in memory of a friend or loved one. Some offices have already been named, but many are still available:
Office #1 Our Lady Queen of Peace
Office #2 Saint Elizabeth
Office #3 Saint Catherine of Siena
Office #4 Saint Joseph
Office #5 Immaculate Heart of Mary
Office #6 Saint Therese of Lisieux
Office #7 Saints Anne and Joachim
Office #8 Saint Philomena
Office #9 
Office #10 
Office #11 
Office #12
Conference/Mtg Room: Our Lady of Guadalupe
For more information on Naming an office please contact our pastor, Fr. Mark: or 910-754-8544 Ext 3 
Donations for the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel
Tabernacle / $ 10,000
Main Altar / $ 9,000
Pulpit / $ 8,000
Baptismal Font / $ 7,000
Presider’s Chair / $ 6,000
Deacon’s Chair /$ 5,000
Altar Server Chair /$ 4,000
Sanctuary Lamp /$ 3,000
Credence Table /$ 2,500
Pew #1 / $2,000
Pew #2 / $2,000
Pew #3 / $2,000
Pew #4 / $2,000
Pew #5 / $2,000
Pew #6 / $2,000
Pew #7 / $2,000
Pew #8 / $2,000
Recognition will be given for donating a Chapel Appointment, such as in whose Memory the donation is made, as well as the donor’s name (unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous).
For more information on donating a Chapel Appointment, please contact our pastor, Fr. Mark,, or 910-754-8544, Ext 3.
(Note: There may be more than one donor for the same Appointment. For example, the Sanctuary Lamp will need year-round candle refills. Appointments made of wood will need upkeep and cleaning. Multiple donors for the same Appointment will greatly benefit our parish!)

May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.

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