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Naming Opportunities for The Blessed Michael J. McGivney Pastoral Center

Our new Administration Building/ Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is projected to be completed this coming September.Donors are invited to “Name” an individual office within the new building in memory of a friend or loved one. Some offices have already been named, but many are still available:
Office #1 Our Lady Queen of Peace
Office #2 Saint Elizabeth
Office #3 Saint Catherine of Siena
Office #4 Saint Joseph
Office #5 Immaculate Heart of Mary
Office #6 Saint Therese of Lisieux
Office #7 Saints Anne and Joachim
Office #8 Saint Philomena
Office #9 
Office #10 
Office #11 
Office #12
Conference/Mtg Room: Our Lady of Guadalupe
For more information on Naming an office please contact our pastor, Fr. Mark: or 910-754-8544 Ext 3 
Donations for the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel
Tabernacle / $ 10,000
Main Altar / $ 9,000
Pulpit / $ 8,000
Baptismal Font / $ 7,000
Presider’s Chair / $ 6,000
Deacon’s Chair /$ 5,000
Altar Server Chair /$ 4,000
Sanctuary Lamp /$ 3,000
Credence Table /$ 2,500
Pew #1 / $2,000
Pew #2 / $2,000
Pew #3 / $2,000
Pew #4 / $2,000
Pew #5 / $2,000
Pew #6 / $2,000
Pew #7 / $2,000
Pew #8 / $2,000
Recognition will be given for donating a Chapel Appointment, such as in whose Memory the donation is made, as well as the donor’s name (unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous).
For more information on donating a Chapel Appointment, please contact our pastor, Fr. Mark,, or 910-754-8544, Ext 3.
(Note: There may be more than one donor for the same Appointment. For example, the Sanctuary Lamp will need year-round candle refills. Appointments made of wood will need upkeep and cleaning. Multiple donors for the same Appointment will greatly benefit our parish!)

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May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.

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