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Save the Dates!

Help the unborn with your prayers!

Over the next few months the Supreme Court will hear a number of cases that could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade and save the lives of over 600,000 babies per year:

We at St. Brendan’s will be praying in our homes and at Church, particularly on the following dates:

  • Nov. 1: Supreme Court begins hearings on challenges to Texas’ heartbeat law, which prohibits most abortions after six weeks, while allowing that law to stay in effect now.
  • Nov. 18: Pray for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health National Interfaith Prayer Service at 8 p.m. online to uphold Mississippi’s limiting of abortions after 15 weeks with emergency exceptions. Go to to sign up for the service.
  • Nov. 24 – Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 – Jan. 5, 12: St. Brendan Parish in-church prayer service after daily Mass. (Fast at breakfast and/or lunch.)
  • Jan. 7 through 15: St. Brendan Knights of Columbus-led Nine Days for Life Novena and Rosary before all Masses.
  • January 15 at 3 to 4 pm: Join the Knights’ Parish Life Chain silent vigil to end abortion in front of our Church. (Same day as NC Right to Life march in Raleigh.)

What would happen if tens or hundreds of MILLIONS of Americans prayed for an end to abortion? With God, ALL THINGS are possible.

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May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.

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