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Roast Pork Dinner and Heavenly Bread Sale

Our Knights of Columbus will sell a Roast Pork Dinner with Rosemary Potatoes and Sauerkraut, as well as their heavenly bread at St Brendan’s Church on Saturday April 17th from 1pm to 6pm.

The cost of the Roast Pork Dinner is $10 each or a family pack of four (4) Dinners for $30. The Knights Assembly 3115 will be selling their famous heavenly bread for $5 each. The proceeds from the sale will benefit the numerous local charities supported by Council 9039 and Assembly 3115. So, after you have filed your taxes, relax with a Roast Pork Dinner and loaves of heavenly bread from the St. Brendan kitchen on Saturday 17 April.

The Roast Pork Dinners are prepared with the support of Brother Pat Funigiello, owner of Homestyle Foods in Shallotte. In the event that we run out of Dinners at church, please go to Homestyle Foods Restaurant at 5300 Main St. in Shallotte for more dining options!

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May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.