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Friendly Visitors Ministry

Nearly everyone has been a “friendly visitor” to someone. It does not require going to meetings, giving reports and/or being on a roster. When you missed someone at Mass and checked on them, heard someone needed help and you helped, called someone to chat and let them know they are thought of and missed, you are communicating that that person is still a valued member of the church family and thus, you are being a “friendly visitor”! If you are or know someone needing to be reconnected to church family by a phone call, occasional visit or bringing to church you can call Rita Canfield @ 910-287-6649 and she can refer them to someone in their area. If you’re willing to be a visitor, let Rita know and she will refer you as needed. Since Covid changes, it is harder to know who needs a visitor and some visitors are unavailable. Please let Rita know if you are available or need this ministry. This does not include bring communion, for that, one needs to call Pat McLaughlin @ 910-287- 5479.

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