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Parish’s Evening Scripture Studies Continue on Zoom Videoconference

You are invited to study the letters of Saints Peter, James and Jude in a seven-week course which will be held online and facilitated by St. Brendan parishioners Jan. 6 to Feb. 17, every Wednesday evening from 6 to 7:15 p.m.

The letters focus on the development of the early Church after the Apostles received the Great Commission from Jesus to spread the Gospel to all the nations. This is a study not ordinarily undertaken, but important to understanding the outreach of the Good News to the Jews and Gentiles after Jesus’ Ascension.

Contact Sir Knight Ed Beckley of the local Knights of Columbus, who coordinates this ongoing Catholic Bible study series, on 252-256-1084 or

The deadline to sign up is Dec. 9. Ed will familiarize you with Zoom videoconferencing for your smart phone or computer. Cost is around $20 for books, which you will order on your own from Little Rock Scripture.

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