Spiritual Formation / Prayer

St. Brendan Church invites all people to grow in their Catholic faith; formation is a life-long process. Special Bible studies will be announced in advance in the bulletin and on the parish website.

Adult Faith Formation

The coordinator directs the provision of relevant, meaningful educational and spiritual programs for our adult community. By incorporating teaching, community, and prayer in all that we do, we hope to nurture and support a deep, growing, personal relationship with Jesus and His Church in all those we serve.

Contact: David Morris

Bible/Spiritual Development

Faith’s Journey/Tuesday Bible Study

Studies on various topics in a small faith sharing community setting in Brendan Hall.

Time commitment: every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:00

David Morris

Karen Carr

Jane Moore

Searchers of the Scripture

This ongoing group meets on Wednesday mornings after Mass to experience and discuss God’s word as we hear it in our lives today. All are renewed in an understanding of Scripture and more prepared to listen to God speaking to us especially through the readings at Sunday Mass. Participants have varied religious and educational backgrounds and no prior knowledge of the Bible is required.

Time commitment:  Every Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 11:00.

Fran Salone- Pelletier

Bring Your Own Bible

Sacramental Prep​

Volunteers prepare parents and Godparents for the baptism of a child or prepare children for First Communion and Confirmation.

Contact: Contact for Baptisms and First Communion:
Sister Mary Teresa

Contacts for Confirmation:
Peggy Dotson
Karen Carr

Little Rock Bible Study

Participants use Liturgical Press’s Little Rock Scripture study sets to read and discuss old and new testament books of the Bible.

Each course runs between eight and 12 weeks.

Group meets Tuesday mornings after Mass at 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. in classroom 1 in the Parish Hall.

The group decides which book of the Bible to explore each time.

We sometimes take two to four weeks off between sessions to accommodate holidays and summer vacations.

There is a fee for the books of around $20.

Ed Beckley

Book Discussions

Interested parishioners meet to share their thoughts on the current book on faith and/or spirituality chosen by the group for discussion.

Time Commitment:  monthly after 8:00 am Mass on Sundays – as announced in the weekly bulletin.

Fran Salone Pelletier
910 754 9216

Small Church Communities

Members meet to read and understand God’s word and share its application in relation to their everyday lives.

Time Commitment: defined by individual residential communities.

Winding River - Contact:
Pat Fredette 

Sea Trail Plantation - Contact:
Charlie Giordano meets every other week (every week during Lent)

Carolina Shores – Contact:
Dave Jones meets semi monthly

Brunswick Plantation – Contact:
Noreen Gilmartin

Brick Landing – Contact Church Office
Meets monthly; also, meets weekly during Lent and Advent seasons.


Centering Prayer

A practice that invites us to be present to God as God is present to us.  In the silence of centering, we open ourselves to God’s action in our lives.  It is a process that transforms us and disposes us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer.

In each session, we have an hour of Lectio Divina, which is a communal prayerful sharing and reflection on a portion of Sacred Scripture. This is followed by a twenty-minute session of Centering Prayer.

This group also reflects on the process of centering prayer and encourages each member to be faithful to two daily sessions of Centering Prayer.

Time commitment: Every Thursday morning after Mass until 11:00.

Contact -
Jean Pelletier

Sewing Sisters

A group that meets as needed for sewing projects in support of groups to make stockings for children, cancer port pillows for cancer patients and other projects as requested by the community.

Time commitment: meets on Wednesday in a classroom in the church hall from 9:45 to 2:00 pm.

Eileen Brown
Nancy Wood

Eucharistic Prayer Service

Service in the absence of a priest. Scheduled as needed by Fathers schedule.

Dave Rosenfeld

Prayers for Peace

Prayers are conducted by the Associates of St. Francis. Time Commitment:  second and third Fridays of each month after daily mass in the library.

Parish Office

Rite of Christian Initiation

RCIA is for adults interested in coming into full communion with our Catholic Christian Faith, RCIA takes place over the course of a year and restores the original order of the Sacraments of Initiation.

Time commitment:  decided in September and is based on consensus of the group.

David Morris

Children’s Faith Formation

Family-Centered Faith Formation sessions for children and their parents. Coordinated breakout sessions for both the children in Grades Pre-K through 7th Grade and their parents/guardians or grandparents. High School students in Grades 9 through 12 are also invited to attend the parents' session or work as volunteers assisting classroom facilitators.

The classes meet the first Sunday of each month (October to May) from 9:30-10:45 am. The 11 am Mass on Faith Formation Sundays is a Family Liturgy Mass.

Tom and Diane Nagle
Sister Mary Teresa

Cursillo (Hispanic)

Cursillo begins with an intense three-day spiritual retreat, the purpose of which is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Upon completing the retreat, the ‘fourth day’ begins – living the rest of one’s life by the power of the Gospel.  The ultimate end of Cursillo is to bring Jesus Christ into the world and to be of service to the parish.

Time commitment: weekly/monthly prayer meetings.

Yesenia Rivera

Creative Spirit

A group composed of knitters and crocheters who meet to pray and socialize while making prayer shawls, afghans, wheelchair blankets, baby blankets and clothes, hats, scarves, slipper socks and other things for those in need of these items in Brunswick County.

Time Commitment: meets weekly on Friday after daily mass.

Eileen Brown
Gail Callan

Divine Office

Often referred to as the Breviary; is the official set of daily prayers prescribed by the Catholic Church to be recited by clergy, religious institutes, and the laity.  It consists primarily of psalms supplemented by hymns, readings, and other prayers.

Time commitment; Tuesday through Friday at 8:40 am in the Sanctuary.

Deacon Bob McGahran

Healing Prayer

Volunteers willing to pray at home daily for persons listed in the book of intentions as well as those requesting prayers.

Time commitment:  the group meets together in the library the second and fourth Mondays after the morning Eucharistic Prayer Service.

Jane Moore
910-713- 419


The rosary is prayed for the unborn before First Friday daily Mass.

Time commitment:  every first Friday at 8:30 am.

Jim Carmody

May we, like our patron, St. Brendan, trust joyfully in the guidance of our God and in the goodness of our fellow travelers.

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